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A Simple Assassination:
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Playwright Robert Friedman has authored a variety of plays, as well as the book Playwright Power: a Concise How-To Book for the Dramatist.

Robert Friedman's plays have seen a variety of stages: drama theatres, community centers, comedy theatres, and universities. His plays include comedies, period pieces, historical dramas, and adventures. His work has been adapted to ballet as well as musical format. Robert Friedman currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri, where he coordinates production of his plays and gives lectures on political cartoons and current events.

Friedman has authored the following plays. The plays availble on this site are freely available for your use in educational or production context. If you choose to use a play, please notify us by email at dramarexx (at) Clicking any title will take you to a more detailed view of Friedman's plays.

A Simple Assassination (2001)

An historical drama in 2 acts (click here to download)

Friendly Fire (2000)

A play in 1 act (click here to download)

The Ghost of Gregor the Magnificent (1990)

A comedy in 1 act (click here to download)

Chamber Six (1988)

A play in 1 act (click here to download)

Woman of Experience (1988)

A play in 1 act (click here to download)

Blood Brothers

A drama in 1 act (click here to download)

The plays posted here are freely available for use.